• BroadreachBroadreach

    Broadreach has spent the last three decades leading youth on life-changing trips around the world. We built custom tools to allow parents to filter trips and content, helping them plan the perfect experience for their child.

    Via: R+M

  • NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and SurveyorsNC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors

    This site guides Engineers and Surveyors through the process of applying for their license to practice in North Carolina and keeps the up-to-date on activities an news in their profession.

    Design: KWALL Design

  • Morningstar Law GroupMorningstar Law Group

    This site dynamically creates content hubs around articles and events associated with Morningstar Law Group’s attorneys.

    Design: KWALL Design

  • NC Board of Examiners for SLPANC Board of Examiners for SLPA

    This site allows the NC Board of Examiners for Speech Language Pathologists to manage online all of the forms and enrollments that they use on a daily basis. The public can use this site to confirm license status of speech language pathologists and their assistants.

    Design: KWALL Design

  • Turning Point LitigationTurning Point Litigation

    This site introduces visitors to Turning Point’s team of litigators and presents industry news.

    Design: KWALL Design

  • McAdams CompanyMcAdams Company

    McAdams is a full-service design and engineering firm. We built them a flexible site that allows them to present projects and services in a compelling manner.

    Via: R+M

  • Emler Swim SchoolEmler Swim School

    Emler saves lives by teaching children to be confident and safe around water. This site features an interactive tool to help you pick the best class based on your swimmer’s skill level, a location finder and integration with legacy scheduling software.

    Via: R+M

  • Triangle Family ServicesTriangle Family Services

    Triangle Family Services is one of Wake County’s largest non-profits, helping families throughout the region by offering support and educational programs.

    Via: R+M

  • Moondance AdventuresMoondance Adventures

    Moondance Adventures organizes adventure travel for teens. I helped them add new dynamic features to their existing site.

  • WasteZeroWasteZero

    WasteZero helps cities cut down on waste and increase recycling. We created a site and a suite of tools that help communicate their story.

    Via: R+M

  • Stalls MedicalStalls Medical, Inc

    Stalls Medical provides products and services to enhance mobility and functional independence in the home and community.

    Design: CornerTab

    Notable features: Responsive theme for WordPress. Custom-built search utility of adaptive vans.

  • iFlip4Parks.orgiFlip4Parks.org

    In 2014, Raleigh put forth a $92mil bond to support parks and recreation. I customized an off-the-shelf theme, guided strategy for the site, and wrote most of the site’s content. The bond was supported by 68% of Raleigh voters.

  • SageRountree.comSage Rountree

    Sage is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach. In 2014, Sage engaged Lauren and I to update the design of the existing site that we had built previously. We split Sage’s content into two discrete sites, simplifying access for subscription-holding customers and reinforcing Sage’s brand on her personal site.

    Design: Lauren Broeils-Norwood

    Notable features: Responsive theme for WordPress. Ecommerce with subscription features.

  • Raleigh M.A.I.N. EventRaleigh M.A.I.N. Event

    The Raleigh M.A.I.N. Event highlights a series of amazing events taking place in Raleigh during the month of September. I overhauled an off-the-shelf WordPress theme to build-in custom features needed for our application as well as improved some poorly-implemented aspects of the base theme.

    Via: New Kind

  • Edenton Street United Methodist ChurchEdenton Street United Methodist Church

    I helped this 200 year-old, but vibrant 21st-century church meet their communications challenges with a new site that features easy-to-use admin tools, mobile-ready presentation and numerous custom communication tools.

    Design: Jordan Dale Young

  • Holt Brothers, Inc.Holt Brothers, Inc.

    Celebrated NFL retirees and NC State alums, successful in commercial and philanthropic endeavors. I built a suite of five inter-related sites: Main Holt Brothers site, Holt Brothers Construction, Holt Brothers Development, Holt Brothers Football, and Holt Brothers Foundation.

    Design: Clean Design

    Notable features: Responsive themes for WordPress that use common code to simplify management.

  • NCSU ORIEDNCSU Research, Inovation + Economic Development

    The NCSU Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development is responsible for helping the University’s researchers translate their discoveries for the marketplace.

    Design: Linda Noble

    Notable features: Network of sites using WordPress multi-site. Custom content tools and theme administration options.

  • New City Design GroupNew City Design Group

    New City is a Raleigh-based architecture and design firm with a varied and extensive portfolio of projects based throughout the Southeast.

    Design: Craig McDuffie

    Notable features: WordPress theme with custom administration features

  • The National Paideia CenterThe National Paideia Center

    The National Paideia Center advocates for the Paideia teaching philosophy and provides resources and community for Paideia instructors.

    Via: UNC Creative

    Notable features: WordPress theme with custom administration features

  • Paramater Generation and ControlParamater Generation and Control

    Paramater builds precise tools to test products under extreme heat and humidity.

    Via: Sinclair & Co.

    Notable features: WordPress theme with custom administration features

  • 86it.com86it.com

    Wake County’s anti-litter initiative, headed up by Chuck and his Chuck Wagon.

    Via: R+M

    Notable features: WordPress theme with custom administration features

  • Mother Earth BrewingMother Earth Brewing

    Mother Earth is an awesome brewery based in Kinston, NC.

    Role: developer of online store

    Notable features: Implementation of Shopify commerce platform, integrating with existing site and CMS

  • Chimera MusicChimera Music

    Chimera Music is a music label formed by artists Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono to feature and support their various projects.

    Role: developer of online store

    Notable features: Implementation of GoodBarry/Business Catalyst ecommerce platform.

  • Blount Street AdvisorsBlount Street Advisors

    Blount Street Advisors help their clients communicate their message with the legislative and executive branches of North Carolina government.

    Role: developer

    Notable features: WordPress theme with custom administration features.

    Design: Shane Smith

  • Children Can't Wait - WakeMedChildren Can’t Wait

    Children Can’t Wait was a campaign to organize support for WakeMed in building a new children’s hospital on their Raleigh campus.

    Role: developer, strategy

    Notable features: WordPress theme including custom sidebar widgets and shortcode macros. Integration with Democracy In Action’s Salsa fundraising platform.

  • UNC Center for the Study of the American SouthUNC Center for the
    Study of the American South

    Exploration and research of southern history and culture.

    Role: developer, strategy

    Notable features: Suite of four sites managed from a common administrative interface based on EllisLab’s ExpressionEngine.

  • UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor’s BlogUNC Chapel Hill Chancellor’s Blog

    Blog of Holden Thorp, chancellor of UNC Chapel Hill

    Role: developer, strategy

    Notable features: WordPress themed to be consistent with chancellor’s existing site, streamlined handling of images and audio content


    One of the most-visited sites in North Carolina, WRAL.com delivers up-to-the-moment news, weather and traffic. I created valid, well-formed XHTML templates that WRAL’s internal programming team used to deliver dynamic content.

    Role: strategy, document semantics, development of site presentation (XHTML/CSS)

    Design: Capstrat

  • O’Brien/AtkinsO’Brien/Atkins

    A design services leader offering architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and related services.

    Via: Capstrat.com

    Role: developer, information architecture

    Notable features: Web-based management of all content, standards-compliant CSS-based layout, section 508 compliant

    This site was recognized as an Official Honoree selection of the 10th annual Webby Awwards, signifying an outstanding caliber of work.