Support Your Local Sub Shop

For as long as I can remember, Boondini’s in North Raleigh’s Celebration at Six Forks shopping center has been preparing the finest sandwiches and soups to be had in the area. Recently, a Mickey-D’s set up shop right in their front yard. “No prob,” I thought, “people are smart enough to pick the real deal over some McCrap, right?”

Looks like I might’a been wrong — the two times that I’ve visited since McD’s opening, Boondini’s has not seemed as bustling as I’m used to. No line at the register, tables empty even during the lunch-hour rush.

This makes me so very sad. Maybe I just happened to visit during a lull? Dunno, but consider this a call to arms: do the Right Thing and grab lunch at Boondini’s this week. You’ll be glad you did.

My personal faves, if you care to know: The baked chicken combo, “eat this” (egg salad and ham, grilled) on sunflower bread and fresh so-freakin’-good orange-ade.

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