My Opinions are Sound

One of my favorite NPR shows is Sound Opinions. The show bills itself as “the World’s ONLY Rock and Roll talk show”. Back in June they aired their ultimate summer songs show. It’s well known that Jim hates summer and especially the beach. I called in last week to their hotline with my pick for a song that Jim should’a put on the list (in fact, as he was intro-ing Wire’s Sand in My Joints, I thought he was going to play my song…)

I just got a call from show producer Todd Bachman letting me know that my call will be used on the show this week!

If you’re in NC, you can listen in to WUNC at 4pm on Saturday to hear the show. After the show has aired, it’ll be available in their podcast. Looks like it’ll be show #147.

They play the calls at the very end of the (hour-long) show.

Update: Here’s a link to download/stream the show.