Hopscotch 2016 Bootcamp: Let’s Talk About Sam

The wonderful Future Islands have appeared at Hopscotch a few times. Their shows are the stuff of legend. Samuel T. Herring is their amazing gruff-voiced front-man. If you’re not familiar, check them out on Letterman:

Future Islands formed at ECU and have played a lot of local shows, including an all-day party last year when they celebrated their 1,000th show.

Sam also fronts The Snails. A punk/ska/art rock kind of thing. The Snails will be making their Hopscotch debut this year. It looks like they put on a crazy live show:

Sam also raps under the name Hemlock Ernst. He’s collaborated with several hip hop acts, including *another* Hopscotch 2016 act, Milo (check out Souvenir by Milo, feat. Hemlock Ernst). So look for Sam this year – he may make some extra appearances.

The Snails’ Latest, Songs from the Shoebox: