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Project : Recycled Bottle Tiki Torches

This weekend, I built a couple of tiki torches based on this article that I discovered via LifeHacker. I made mine from a couple of Bombay Sapphire bottles. I had trouble finding some of the hardware mentioned in the article, but the folks at my friendly Ace Hardware helped me experiment and find an excellent solution. I bought a couple of eye-bolts that had a diameter a little bigger than the neck of the bottle. I secured the bottles with lock-washers that were just the right size to mate with the threads on the Sapphire bottle. They were just wide enough to keep from passing through the eye bolt. Simple, easy and very minimal.

The yellow torch liquid looks great inside the blue Sapphire bottle. I also made an extra torch (to put on the table) from a bottle of Leblon Chaca├ža.

BTW – I love Ace Hardware. Every time I go there, the staff is just the right amount of helpful. When buying parts for this project, the AH employee spent at least 20 minutes with me, wandering the store, trying alternate ideas. They’re great.