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Google Street View

Back in April, I spotted the Google Street View car tailing me as I pulled into my neighborhood. As it passed my house, I hopped out and got ready to snap a pic as it made it’s return trip from the cul-de-sac at the end of my road. The driver paused for a sec to let me take a photo (with my Google Nexus One, incidentally).

Street View has recently updated with the new photos. I was captured in a couple of ’em. The last pic is one of me sitting on my sidewalk waiting for the car to return.


Q: Is that house next door to yours painted with cat poop?
A: I’m pretty sure it is. Cat poop is on the list approved by the HOA.

Q: Is your street name really that long?
A:  Yes. And Harps Mill Woods Run intersects with Harps Mill Woods Road. It’s a bunch of fun. It’s also printed on the road exactly as it appears in these photos.